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Whitetail Display

Come check out some of the World’s most beautiful whitetails.

Bass Tub

Learn some tips and tricks from one of the best bass fisherman.

Rock Wall

Test out your athletic ability with this challenging test.


Show off your archery skills with this fun target practice set-up.

And many more exciting exhibits and games!

Speaker: Hank Parker, Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine
Hank Parker, host of Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine, airing on television since 1985, and co-host of Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood, began his fishing career in 1976. He is a two time winner of the BassMaster’s Classic, the Grand Slam of Bass Fishing, and many other tournaments. Hank’s passion for the outdoors is not limited to fishing as he has been an avid hunter his whole life. He has a love for bow hunting and has completed the wild turkey Royal Slam and has harvested many Pope and Young whitetail deer and elk. In 2005, Hank and his two sons, Hank Parker, Jr. and Billy Parker, began televising their hunts. Hank Parker’s Flesh and Blood and Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine are currently airing on the Outdoor Channel. Over the years, Hank has been honored by being inducted into the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame, the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame and the International Game Fish Association Hall of Fame. Hank has been blessed by being able to have a career doing the things he has a passion for but the greatest blessing he has was the day Jesus Christ saved him and became his Lord and Savior. He loves sharing his testimony of how he was saved and what the Lord has done in his life. Hank and his wife, Martha, reside in Union, SC, and between them both, they have 8 children, their spouses, and 11 grandchildren.

Check out some pictures of last year’s event below!