West Texas | Beast Feast
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Whitetail Display

Come check out some of the World’s most beautiful whitetails.

Bass Tub

Learn some tips and tricks from one of the best bass fisherman.

Rock Wall

Test out your athletic ability with this challenging test.


Show off your archery skills with this fun target practice set-up.

And many more exciting exhibits and games!

Our Speaker: Tim LeeTim Lee Ministries

“Let’s go Marines,” I said quietly as I led my men down an abandoned road in Quang Nam Province in Vietnam. The road was probably constructed by the French a generation before Americans arrived in Nam. Bomb craters pitted the landscape, some of them 20 feet wide and 6 to 7 feet deep. We were looking for land mines, pungy pits and undetonated rounds. We didn’t realize it at the moment, but we had just walked into a Viet Cong mine field. On a mine sweep, you walk slowly; watching, listening, feeling. This particular road, very little of which was still distinguishable, hadn’t been swept in two years. We made our way through a section of tall elephant grass and reached a clearing. The crumbling remains of a Buddhist temple was just in front of us. The grass was now knee high leaving us dangerously exposed and in the open. A strange feeling came over some of the men. Something wasn’t right.
Click here to read the rest of Tim’s Testimony.

Check out some pictures of last year’s event below!